Life With Boys: Snakes, Lizards & Frogs

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Black Snake

My boys are intrigued by wildlife. There isn’t a day that goes by without one of them shoving a bug, lizard or toad in my face. Yes, they love to catch these critters and show them off!

We draw the line at allowing them to pickup snakes. Since we have copperhead snakes in the area which are poisonous, we want the boys to be cautious. The above picture is a black snake we came across during a hike. Although not poisonous, they could still bite so it is best to leave them alone! I don’t like snakes at all but the black snakes are helpful in controlling rodents. The boys spent a good amount of time staring and studying this black snake!

B with Toad

Mr. B is especially taken with reptiles and bugs. He usually has some sort of “pet” in his hands. Lately is has been the cicadas but Sunday he had this pet toad. “Mom please can we keep him? I really like him!” I finally convinced him that the toad would be happy in our vegetable garden!


This little orange lizard was on our front walk a week ago. I am not sure what kind it is. It almost looks like a salamander but it is not slimy. Mr. B ended up picking him up (against my instruction!) and he was a very docile lizard.

Everyday is an adventure with my two nature loving guys! Do your kiddos like bugs and reptiles just as much as mine?

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  1. I got a lizard that I found but I don’t know if it is poisonous or not.