Melted Bead Ornaments

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Pony Bead Ornaments

This summer I was browsing Pinterest and kept coming across the melted pony bead sun-catchers. I made a mental note that these would also make great ornaments! The Christmas lights shinning through the melted beads would be just as pretty as the sun! This is also a very easy craft project for kids to complete.

Supplies needed:

Clear Pony Beads
Muffin Tin (for ornament size)
Cake Pan (for sun-catcher size)

Put beads in muffin tin

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. The first step is to arrange pony beads in a muffin tin or cake pan. IF you want small ornament size, use a muffin tin. Arrange beads in a single layer with the sides of the beads touching.

Melted beads

Place the beads in the oven at 400 degrees for 20-30 minutes. Note that this process does smell! Melting plastic is not present. Turn on your stove vent and open a window for ventilation.

Cake Pan Beads

When all of the beads are melted together, remove from the oven. Let cool. When the plastic is cool, the ornament should pop right out of the pan. I did have to slightly bend the pan a few times to make it come loose.

Sun Catcher

Drill a small hole in the plastic and tie on a ribbon! The large sun-catcher we made had a natural hole from beads that weren’t completely touching which made it very easy.

One thing to note, if your pan has scratches or lettering on the bottom, it will show in the plastic! My cake pan had a few scratches that were picked up by the melted plastic! It still looks pretty though!

If you are looking for more ornament ideas, checkout my roundup from last week on 12 Christmas Ornament and Craft Ideas.

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