Oven-Bake Clay: Treasured Christmas Ornaments

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beaded clay

Early this fall, I remember driving somewhere with my family and noticed these priceless clay necklaces! I dog-eared the Family Fun page and later tore it out at home! This time I didn’t allow that one ‘colorful’ project to get lost in my pile of magazine cutouts! I kept noting that I needed to create these with my 5.5 year old daughter who collects mini pieces of treasure e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y.—parks, parking lots, Daddy’s shop, etc. There are many, many little trinkets including glass that float through our house. I try not to toss them but sometimes I know not what to do with them! But these necklaces were perfect—–we’d alter the craft and make Christmas ornaments! Right!?!

We finally got snowed (or rather ICED) in and it was time to tackle this project or put if off! Thus, we ventured to Wal-Mart at the tail end of the ice storm to look for Oven-Bake Clay. I found Original Sculpey clay—it was not colored! It cost about $5.97 plus tax. The colored clay was a multipack that cost around $9. Thus, I opted for the cheaper package so that we could experiment first. I had never worked with this type of clay before and I was not educated enough about the art medium.

Hmm….another ‘snow’ day at home!?! Tackling the clay project—-I reread the directions from Family Fun’s ornaments online but still felt that I didn’t have enough knowledge about creating them! Thus, I played around on Pinterest and found a Blog Tutorial with Clay. It was most helpful in helping me feel confident in getting started!

First, I gathered our wooden work board, aluminum foil, and trinkets from around the house to create patterns in the clay. Next, I laid out my daughter’s treasures (some of them) and called her to get started. These TREASURED Christmas Ornaments became our first experience with Oven-Bake Clay. They were our first batch!

December 2013 057

December 2013 103

We’ll definitely try this project again to finish out the clay we purchased. However, I’m interested in reading more about this medium so that we can continue to create ornaments with colored clay (and maybe even different varieties of clay like the pearl clay featured in the blog tutorial!?!). I’d love for Sophia to create a few each year to add to our Operation Christmas Child boxes and/or to attach to special gifts we give out to teachers, friends, and family!

December 2013 101

How about you!?! Have you experimented with Oven-Bake Clay?

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