‘Twas the Night Before Breakfast

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Are you in seasonal gear? Are you prepping holiday baking lists and pulling out traditional recipes? Does your family add to the cooking festivities? Where do you begin and end? Is there a set course of traditions or are you seeking new directions?

This year you might want to begin with a MENU—–and a list. But then add a new twist to the mix and have the family create your own family’s ‘Twas the Night Before Breakfast Verse. This one below appeared in Rachel Ray’s magazine in December 2012. It was the perfect piece for a literary appetite!

‘Twas the Night Before Breakfast

And back in the kitchen

Mom, Dad, and the kiddos were choppin’ and mixin’.

They stirred up the batter

For a tasty coffee cake

And got a breakfast casserole

All ready to bake.

Stripping peels off some oranges,

Then chopping them up,

They tossed in pomegranate seeds

For a holiday fruit cup!

Because they’d be thirsty

When they woke in the morning,

They chilled down some bubbly

For a drink that’s not boring.

Into the fried went the food with a clatter

And off to bed they headed, up the stairs,


As they snuggled beneath covers

And drifted to sleep,

They counted on breakfast

instead of counting sheep!

I (Litsa) am sure that children of all ages will love to piece together their own creation—add a little flour, cinnamon, coffee, or………and you’ll have the perfect memories for your next Shutterfly photo book! Don’t forget to set out the camera  for snapshots—–and/or the video app on your smartphone to record a few verbal memories too!

‘Twas the Night before Breakfast when this How to Have It All virtual blogger crawled into bed with visions of coffee dancing in her head!

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