Freezing Burger Patties | Save Time & Money

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Frozen Turkey Burgers

The other day I found a three pound package of of ground turkey on manager markdown at Kroger. Turkey burgers are one of my boys favorite dinners. I decided to make up some turkey burger patties ahead of time and freeze them! This will save me a ton of time. Plus, I bought the whole package for $4.50 and made 12 patties.

Turkey patties

To freeze burger patties, take ground meat (beef or turkey) and add whatever spices you want. Prepare a baking sheet with waxed paper. Form the patties and then place on the waxed paper. Put the baking sheet into the freezer until the patties are frozen solid.

Freeze Turkey patties

After the burgers are frozen, place the patties in a freezer bag. Since the patties are flash frozen, they won’t stick together!

The next time you see ground beef or turkey at a good price, make sure she stockup and make some burgers for the freezer!

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