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Multitasking is an art that many women attempt to master. Let’s face it, if we didn’t multi-task, we would most likely never eat! Balancing work, motherhood, caring for yourself and saving money is a talent. It is hard to juggle everything while keeping a sense of calmness in our lives. Many times, we have to give something up in order to get everything accomplished. More times than not, I see women not taking care of themselves due to time constraints. I created How to Have it All in hopes of encouraging you all to balance your life. Health and wellness for yourself is just as important as taking care of your children.

A little about me…

I am a California girl who married an East Coast man in 2004. Before our first son was born in 2006 we moved to Central Virginia. The cost of living in California was too great with a baby on the way. Although I miss my family terribly, I love Virginia! The greenery and the trees are absolutely beautiful. The property we have allows our two very active boys enough room to run plus space for a vegetable garden and chickens. Yes, I am a country girl through and through!

I work full time as a Registered Dental Hygienist. I have learned that life never really works out how you plan- I always thought I would work two days a week when my kids were young. Although I am working more, my husband is home with the boys. Life is interesting, you never know what is around the next corner.

I never pay full price! I LOVE a good deal and getting that “coupon high”! I have been couponing for as long as I can remember- my mom never paid full price for anything. It wasn’t until 2007 that I discovered the drug store games though. Since I discovered CVS and Rite Aid, I have not paid for razors, toothpaste, dish soap, hair products, lip balm, body wash and so much more!

I am making health and wellness a priority. When my boys were young, my entire focus was on them. That’s all good except I lost myself. In 2012 I decided I needed to take care of myself as I could feel my body declining. I had no energy and I was gaining weight. Over a years time we made the switch to eating more whole foods and cutting out processed foods. I also started working with my coach on a functional training program. I began juicing. The results are amazing! I feel good, I am well rested and I am in the best physical shape of my adult life.

captain m-1

I am privileged to be mommy to two wonderful boys- Captain M (age 6) and Mr. B (age 4). They are lucky to have a mom who is not afraid of worms, bugs and frogs since those are some of their favorite critters. If weather permits, you will find Captain M and Mr. B outside from sun up to sun down. Mr. B-1Capt. M is in first grade this year and Mr. B stays at home with daddy.

Both boys love to play just about any sport. I am certain we will be running them to all sorts of practices in the years to come. Right now, they just enjoy running around our yard playing sports.

My boys are the loves of my life! Even on our toughest days, I love them to pieces!



In order to provide you all with the best deals and continual coverage while I am working, I have hired an assistant. Litsa is a stay at home mom of a little girl. She has wonderful ideas for projects, crafts and has great organizing skills. I am so pleased to have her providing information for all of you! You can find out more about Litsa HERE.


I am pleased to announce another member of the How to Have it All team! Ashley will provide recipes for home cooked meals, appetizers, sweets and more.

Hi, my name is Ashley. I am a happily married stay at home mom to a beautiful little girl and in a few short months will welcome a little boy. My husband and I come from a small town and enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like GREAT FOOD. We love to try out new recipes and experiment in the kitchen together, but I also enjoy reading, painting and photography. My family and I have recently moved to a new state where we’ve purchased our very first home together and where I hope we will continue to be blessed with making new friends, having new experiences and creating new memories to cherish as we have been so far.

Please join me on my journey as I try to balance working, motherhood, health and saving money on my quest to Have it All.

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Renae is a married working mom of two handsome boys. She works as a registered dental hygienist by day and blogs here at How to Have it All by night. She enjoys cooking from scratch, working in her vegetable garden and functional training.

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  1. Can’t wait to read :0)

  2. Sent by Give me Neither, can’t wait to read your blog I too have 2 little boys (1 and 2) and work full time, and am a obsessive couponer in Michigan…can’t wait to hear all you have to say!

  3. Love your site. I have three little boys and I am a stay at home mom which I love, but I want to learn how to get things for free. I think of it as my fulltime job to save us money and see the smile on my husbands face when I do.

    • Hi Amber! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, couponing can be like a full time job. Keep following along and you will learn how to get things for free! Love that your hubby is supportive- so important! Let me know if you have any questions.

  4. denisse says:

    i need your help i can get 20 free soaps if you can help me get a hold of your store add that says that the ivory is on sale for a 1.00. i have a bunch of coupons and i would greatly appreciate if you can help me. the store manager told me to jus tshow them the add.

    help please,

  5. I’m unemployed mother of 4 , 2 still at home money is tight. We are struggling to make ends meat but get all the deals and discounts I find on the internet is helpful.

  6. Wow, I have missed you. My daughter went to your class when you were with Madeam Deals. She came home & shared the information and now I’m a coupon crazy woman. Thank you so much, it has changed my life. Who new you could get so much for free. I’m so glad I found you again. Thanks again for all you do!!

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