Each Transaction: Monitoring Accounts

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It is definitely the season of added figures——-are you monitoring each transaction closely!?! I (Litsa) am in the midst of filing away every medical transaction that has been paid, needs to be paid——–and those that will wait their turn for 2015. Each transaction is noted online in my money saving files but also penned into a list next to my files of receipts.

As I was busy working on aligning receipts to bank account statements, I noticed an inflated balance in my checking account! At first, I was delighted because the balance worked in my favor. I had more money to use on paying off medical debt. But as I kept scrolling, I saw the same deposit. I knew that I had not made the same deposit twice in the past ten days. Click. Click. The transactions were deposits that were twins. One posted on the first. The other on the tenth. I called the bank and they confirmed that they’d take off the second deposit. I was a little sad indeed but much more joyful! What a mess it would have been to have used the money that was not mine!?!

As you are shopping this season—-and as you are busy paying bills—use caution. Take time to scroll through and document each receipt. Keep receipts handy and if you are using cash, make note of it (especially cash deposits and payments for tax deductible bills). Use added safety measures when shopping online this month too.

Six Tips for Secure Online Shopping

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