Homemade Larabar Recipe

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homemade larabar

I have mentioned before that one of my favorite snacks is a Larabar. I love that there are only 3-5 ingredients per bar and that I can actually understand those ingredients! I have been making a homemade version for the last few weeks and they are now my boys favorite snack!

pit dates

The first step is to take the pits out of the dates. The pits come out very easily. I just tear the date in half and the pit can easily be removed.

date paste

When you grind up the dates, it will form a thick paste. I use my hand blender food chopper attachment, however it would be easier ot use a food processor.

larabar dough

Mix the ingredients and form a ball. Place on waxed paper in order to roll the mixture out.

press larabar

Place a second piece of waxed paper on top and either pressure the mixture or use a rolling pin. Roll until you reached a desired thickness.

cut larabar

Then cut into bars! As you can see, mine are uneven. However you can make them exact rectangles if you want.

Homemade Larabar
Recipe type: Snack
  • 1 Cup Medjool Dates
  • ½ Cup Cashews, finely chopped
  • ¼ Cup Peanut Butter
  1. In a food processor, chop the cashews into little bits. Place nuts in a bowl.
  2. Remove the pits from the dates and place in the food processor. Run processor until the dates form a paste.
  3. Place dates in the bowl with the nuts.
  4. Add the peanut butter to the bowl and mix well. If you have a large food processor, you can all three ingredients to the processor to mix. Otherwise, you will probably need to use your hands.
  5. Form a ball with the mixture and place on a piece of waxed paper. Add another piece of waxed paper to the top and roll out the mixture to desired thickness.
  6. Cut into bars or squares.
  7. Keep in the refrigerator.
* Another version I make is 1 cup dates, ¼ cup almonds finely chopped and 2 Tbsp chocolate chips chopped. * The ingredients are very versatile. I have used all different types of nuts.

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