A Juicing Neutralizer: Cucumbers

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Cucumbers are perfect to add to many juices whether they are cleansing juices or green juices—sweet or more bitter—add cucumbers to act as a neutralizer! Cucumbers are called vegetables but they are really fruit. More importantly they are almost 100% water!

Cucumbers are easily found at local grocery stores—-and many local area grocery stores may even carry up to as many as three or more varieties! If you buy one of each, you’ll see that there are small but some variations in the varieties. But again most important is that they are comprised of mainly water. With this in mind, think about your fresh juice. Is it too sweet? Too salty? Do you need to stretch out the juice into three cups instead of two? Add cucumbers.

Cucumbers will fill your fresh juice supply without really altering the taste of your favorite green juices but it more or less BALANCES out the flavor. If you were drinking lemonade that was too sweet or sour, you could add a touch of water to it to get it just right—the same with fresh juices. You can add water or again you can add cucumbers that contain mostly water. However, when you choose to add cucumbers to neutralize your fresh juices, you are also packing in Vitamin K, A, C, Calcium, & Potassium—-as well as adding the many other benefits of cucumbers!

Try balancing out your favorite juices with cucumbers today!

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